New Badger Partnership Update

With Governor Scott Walker set to announce his 2011-2013 state budget next Tuesday (February 22), information has been leaking out about his proposals for UW-Madison.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Chancellor Martin met with Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch in December and discussed independence for UW-Madison, allowing the campus to separate from UW System.

System President Kevin Reilly and key Regents responded with a letter to Governor Walker stating that such a change would be bad for UW System and create unnecessary duplication of administrative services.

Chancellor Martin responded to the Regents, emphasizing that flexibiltity would be good for the entire system and that she supports greater autonomy for all UW campuses:

I have consistently promoted flexibilities for all the campuses, in my public presentations, in media opportunities, and in my interactions with the governor’s staff. A stronger System-wide proposal at an earlier point, with more input from the chancellors, might have been more persuasive, but time may have run out on such an opportunity. I have never advocated for Madison at the expense of others. I do not share the view that changes in the system will damage the other campuses. We are firmly committed to collaboration with others and to our partnerships with other campuses.