New Badger Partnership Documents Released

In advance of Friday’s Board of Regents meeting, the Chancellor’s office has released two documents related to the possible separation of UW-Madison from UW System.

One document summarizes how UW-Madison would become  public authority as part of Governor Scott Walker’s 2011-13 biennial budget. The other shows how the proposed legislation relates to the principles adopted by the Faculty Senate on February 7 in support of the New Badger Partnership . The shared principles  were  agreed upon by various constituencies on campus, including faculty, academic staff, classified staff, and students.

The document notes that collective bargaining, an essential shared principle, may not be part of the proposal:

All provisions in the draft bill regarding collective bargaining are subject to the results of the legislative process regarding the pending Special Session Budget Repair Bill. However, the language of the draft bill preserves the current collective bargaining rights, through amendments to Chapter 111 of the Wisconsin Statutes, for employees that are subject to the State Employment Labor Relations Act — classified employees at UW-­Madison will continue to have collective bargaining rights consistent with their peers at state agencies.