What Would Public Authority Mean for the Wisconsin Idea?


The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences is hosting an open forum to discuss the Wisconsin Idea and public authority status for the university on Wednesday, March 30 at 4 pm in Room 22 Ingraham Hall.

Panelists include:

  • Professor Emeritus Dennis Dresang, La Follette School of Public Affairs
  • Dean Richard Klemme, University of Wisconsin Extension
  • Jim Munsch, Wisconsin farmer
  • Professor Michael Bell, Community and Environmental Sociology
  • Professor Katherine Cramer Walsh, Political Science

The discussion will be moderated by Professor Irwin Goldman, Horticulture.

Each panelist will be offered five minutes to speak about how they view the partnership between the university and stakeholders such as UW Extension, Wisconsin’s agricultural industries and farmers, and other industries and people in light of this opportunity public authority. There will be ample time for questions and discussion, and the overall goal of the forum is to talk about ways to continue to keep key partnerships strong and dynamic in the future regardless of administrative structure.