UW-Madison Research Expenditures Rank Third in Nation

nsf1The University of Wisconsin-Madison continues to rank third in the nation among research institutions, according to statistics from the National Science Foundation. The university spent $1.03 billion on research  in 2010, behind Johns Hopkins University ($2 billion) and the University of Michigan ($1.18 billion). Spending increased by about $15 million over 2009.

Research spending was broken down into six categories — federal government, state and local government, business, non-profit organizations, institution funds, and other. Slightly more than half ($545 million) of UW-Madison’s research funds come from federal sources. The university ranked last among the top ten research institutions in terms of business research funding ($12 million).

According to Brad Barham, chair of the PROFS Board of Directors, research funding plays a critical role in the overall funding of UW-Madison, but cannot replace declining state support. “Continued success in attracting research funding requires a sustained commitment from the state to UW-Madison and its research enterprise.”