Legislative Task Force on UW Restructuring to Meet Wednesday

The Special Task Force on UW Restructuring and Operational Flexibilities will have its final scheduled meeting on Wednesday, June 6. The meeting will be held from 9 am to 2:30 pm in Room 412 East of the State Capitol.

After hearing from various university stakeholders over the past six months, the committee is scheduled to discuss tuition authority; personnel systems and compensation plans; and capital planning and procurement flexibilities. Task Force staff will prepare draft recommendations in the weeks following the meeting. A full report from the task force is due by August 31.

Tuition Authority The committee will consider the following questions:

  • Should the Board of Regents raise tuition to capture the higher willingness and ability to pay of some Wisconsin families and increase revenues? To what extent should tuition be raised?
  • If tuition were to be increased substantially, what measures should be taken to ensure access to UW institutions for all qualified resident applicants regardless of family income?
  • Should tuition revenues be used to fund need-based financial aid for low-income students?
  • Should the Board of Regents continue to approve differential tuition plans at individual institutions or should the Regents take a systemwide approach and engage in strategic finance?
  • Should chancellors, rather than the Board of Regents, have to the authority to establish tuition and fees for their institutions?
  • What role should the Legislature have in establishing tuition rates?

Personnel Systems The committee will consider the following discussion questions:

  • What ability to transfer should UW employees holding positions that were formerly part of the classified staff have in the future?
  • Should UW employees holding positions that were formerly part of the classified service be given governing authority similar to that granted to the faculty, academic staff, and students?

Capital Planning & Procurement The committee will consider the following recommendations:

  • Place primary responsibility for planning and design with the Board of Regents.
  • Strengthen Department of Administration bidding and construction capacity.
  • Redefine enumeration to create two categories — new space and existing facilities — and incentivize investment in existing facilities. Establish a base budget for renovation and repair.
  • Authorize the Board of Regents to enter into lease agreements.
  • Vest responsibility with the Board of Regents to make all purchasing decisions for UW System institutions.
  • Continue to purchase from mandatory state contracts unless the purchase is available at a lesser cost.
  • Extend UW System contracts to the Department of Administration, state agencies, and other governmental and educational entities whenever authorized to do so.

The following materials were prepared for the meeting:

June 5, ETA: Yesterday afternoon State Representative Stephen Nass (R-La Grange) sent a memo to fellow members of the task force with his recommendations on tuition.

LFB Discussion Paper: Tuition
UW System: UW Tuition Responsibility
LFB Discussion Paper: Compensation
LFB Discussion Paper: Personnel Systems
UW System: Discussion Paper on Establishing New University Personnel Systems
UW System: Proposed Capital Planning Flexibilities
UW System: Proposed Procurement Flexibilitie