A Few Details About State Budget Emerge

Governor Scott Walker announced yesterday that he plans to invest almost $100 million in workforce development. Some items that affect the University of Wisconsin System:

  • $20 million for programs relating to economic and workforce development, including efforts to improve affordability.
  • $2 million to help implement UW System’s Flexible Option degree program. UW System requested $3 million.
  • A requirement that UW System campuses and Wisconsin’s technical colleges schools establish a core of 30 credits than can be transferred among all institutions. Private institutions in the state could also participate in the program if they choose.
  • A provision allowing the UW-Madison chancellor to determine a pay plan for faculty and staff without legislative approval. Pay plans for other UW System campuses would need Regent approval rather than legislative approval.

PROFS is following these developments and will continue to post information about the 2013-15 state budget as it becomes available.