Joint Finance Committee to Meet Wednesday and Thursday

The Joint Finance Committee will meet today and tomorrow to vote on motions relating to Governor Scott Walker’s 2013-15 biennial budget proposal. Budget papers for Wednesday are here and Thursday’s papers are here.

The expansion of public school vouchers and K-12 education is the primary topic of discussion today. Other topics on the agenda include the Departments of Tourism and Natural Resources; sales and excise taxes; health services; and the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Circuit Court. The committee may also consider pending motions relating to the Department of Employee Trust Funds.

The committee will discuss the Department of Children’s and Families, the State Building Commission and building program, and the Medical College of Wisconsin on Thursday.

Update, 5/29/13, 11:15 am: The co-chairs of the Joint Finance Committee announced they will not take up voucher expansion and increased K-12 funding today, saying a compromise has not been reached.