Assembly to Vote on the Bill Allowing Classified Research on Campus

The Assembly will meet today at 1 pm to discuss and vote on many proposals, including Assembly Bill 729 which would allow classified research on University of Wisconsin System campuses.

The bill was introduced earlier this month and approved by the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities Tuesday. The proposal will move to the Senate if approved by the full Assembly today.

PROFS is registered in favor of AB 729. 

Other items on the Assembly’s agenda today include:

AB 750, legislation that would forbid local living wage ordinances when state and federal money is used for workers’ salaries. Dane County, Madison, and Milwaukee all have living wage ordinances. The bill would also bar residency requirements for workers on public works projects.

SB 267, legislation that would require poll workers to note the type of identifying document used by a voter when registering to vote. That information must also be reported to the Government Accountability Board.

SB 284, legislation that would allow 7th and 8th graders to earn high school credit.