Legislature to Conclude Work Tuesday

The Wisconsin Legislature will conclude its work this session on Tuesday, April 1 when the Senate meets to take up several proposals. The senate is scheduled to vote on AB 729, a bill allowing classified research on UW System campuses.

The senate is also expected to approve SB 300, a bill that would require insurers to cover oral chemotherapy in the same way that intravenous chemotherapy is covered. Newer forms of chemotherapy come in a pill form, allowing insurers to treat it as a prescription drug rather than a medical treatment. Senate leaders had originally refused to bring the bill to the floor of the senate, but relented after much public pressure. The senate must pass an amended version of the bill before it can go to Governor Scott Walker for his consideration.

Bills Signed Into Law  Governor Scott Walker signed several bills into law recently:

SB 655, a bill that included many changes to campaign finance laws. Under the new law, lobbyists may make election-year contributions to legislative candidates after April 15. Current law limits such contributions to June 1 or later.

Senate Bill 324, a bill that limits in-person early voting. Under the new law, municipalities may offer early voting weekdays from 8 am to 7 pm. Early voting on weekends will not be allowed. The governor vetoed a provision in the bill that would have limited early voting to 45 hours per week.

Assembly Bill 19, a bill that requires plaintiffs to disclose which businesses they plan sue when filing asbestos-related lawsuits. Plaintiffs must also file claims with an asbestos trust before suing individual businesses.