Poll Shows Most in State Want Budget Compromise

Professor Ken Goldstein, a PROFS Steering Committee member and political science professor, conducted a survey for the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute last week and found that 65% of those questioned want Governor Scott Walker to negotiate a compromise with Senate Democrats.

The survey also found that there are deep divisions among voters in the state. Those who oppose the governor’s plan do so overwhelmingly, and those who support Walker, remain steadfast. “This is stunning polarization like we used to see with George W. Bush in 2004,” said Goldstein.

And while the poll found widespread support (81%) for plans to have public employees contribute more toward pensions and health insurance, it also found that the voters view public employee unions more favorably than politicians (59% to 46-50%). Walker was rated favorably by 46% of voters and Democrats in the Legislature out-polled Republicans (50% to 46%).