EPS 518: Introduction to Debates in Higher Education Policy

The conversation about the funding of public higher education continues in the classroom next semester. PROFS steering committee member Sara Goldrick-Rab will teach a course focusing on the issues facing students today — admissions, funding and financial aid. The course, which is open to undergraduates and graduate students, will meet Tuesdays from 2:25 to 5:25 pm. From the course description:

In this course students will learn to think critically about debates in contemporary higher education policy. Our discussions will explore the tensions between key policy goals including diversity, quality, and efficiency, and the results (including unintended consequences) of those tensions. We’ll also examine the research brought to bear on policy debates, and how it is used — or not — to shape policy agendas. This semester we will focus on issues of great interest to the UW community, including affirmative action, funding for public higher education, and need-based financial aid.

Please contact Professor Goldrick-Rab for more information.