Candidates Set for Fall Legislative Elections

The filing deadline for state legislative offices was June 1, and the Government Accountability Board has certified its list of candidates. The fall primary will be held Tuesday, August 14 — the date was moved up one month as part of Act 23, which made sweeping changes to voter identification laws. Votes will be cast in all 99 assembly districts and 16 of the 33 senate districts.

Twenty-two legislators chose not to run for re-election, and because of redistricting several incumbents are now running in other districts. Only a handful of candidates are unopposed — 13 in the Assembly and 4 in the Senate. Most candidates face an opponent in either the primary or general election.

Redistricting resulted in many changes in Dane County:

  • District 37 — Representative Andy Jorgensen (D-Fort Atkinson) is now running in District 43. The race includes five Republicans, two Democrats, and an Independent.
  • District 38 — Representative Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) will face Democrat Scott Michalak and Libertarian Leroy Watson in November.
  • District 42 — Representative Fred Clark (D-Baraboo) is running in District 81. Representative Keith Ripp (R-Lodi) will face Democrat Paula Cooper. Ripp currently represents the 47th Assembly District but was forced to run in the 42nd after redistricting.
  • District 43 — Representative Evan Wynn (R-Whitewater) will face Representative Andy Jorgensen (D-Fort Atkinson) who was forced to run in the 43rd after redistricting.
  • District 46 — Representative Gary Hebl (D-Sun Prairie) will face Republican Trish Schaefer in November.
  • District 47 — Representative Keith Ripp (R-Lodi) is now running in District 42. District 47 now includes portions of Fitchburg. Republican Sandy Bakk will face either Robb Kahl or Amanda Hall, candidates in the Democratic primary
  • District 48 — Representative Chris Taylor (D-Madison) is now running in District 76. Democrat Melissa Sargent will face Libertarian Terry Gray in November.
  • District 76 — Representative Terese Berceau (D-Madison) is now running in District 77. Chris Taylor, a Democrat who represents the 48th AD, is unopposed.
  • District 77 — Representative Brett Hulsey (D-Madison) is now running in District 78. Representative Terese Berceau, who currently represents District 76, is unopposed.
  • District 78 — Representative Mark Pocan (D-Madison) is running in Wisconsin’s Second Congressional District. Representative Brett Hulsey faces Christopher Fischer in the Democratic primary. The winner of that contest will face Independent Jonathan Dedering.
  • District 79 — Representative Sondy Pope-Roberts (D-Cross Plains) is now running in District 80. Democrats Dianne Hesselbein and Ellen Lingren will face each other in the Democratic primary. The winner of that contest will face Libertarian Carl Skalitzky.
  • District 80 — Representative Janis Ringhand (D-Evansville) is running in District 45. Representative Sondy Pope-Roberts will face Joe Wineke and Charles Uphoff in the Democratic primary. The winner of that contest will face Republican Tom Lamberson.
  • District 81 — Representative Kelda Helen Roys is running for Congress (see below). Representative Fred Clark (D-Baraboo) will face Republican Scott Frostman. Clark currently represents the 42nd Assembly District but was forced to run in the 81st after redistricting.

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin is running for to replace Herb Kohl as United State Senator. Democrats Dennis Hall, Mark Pocan, Kelda Helen Roys, and Matt Silverman will face off on August 14. The winner of the primary will be on the ballot with Republican Chad Lee and Independent Rocky Ison.