Voter ID Update

Last week, Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen asked the state’s Supreme Court to review two lower courts’ rulings on the state’s voter identification laws. Parts of the laws were suspended earlier this spring as a result of two separate rulings by Dane County judges. Van Hollen requested the Supreme Court rule before the November election, but it is uncertain if they will do so. Until a ruling is issued, photo¬†identification¬†will not be required to vote in Wisconsin. The parts of the law that concern absentee balloting and residency remain in effect.

The Government Accountability Board (GAB) also ruled Tuesday that paper or electronic documents could be used when registering to vote. Previously, only paper documents were allowed. GAB Director Kevin Kennedy said the ruling comes at a time when many people have gone paperless and will help voters provide appropriate documents to election workers:

Our biggest concern is that local election officials require proper documentation when people register to vote. We have not received any reports about people using faked documents to register, but we have received some reports that unacceptable documents such as business receipts have been accepted for proof of residence. We would much rather have someone show a bank statement on a smart phone than try to use an oil change receipt on paper.