UW System Biennial Budget Request Released

The University of Wisconsin System submitted its 2013-15 biennial budget request to the state’s Department of Administration Monday. The request was a formality — the Board of Regents voted in support of the request at its August meeting.

UW System President Kevin Reilly noted in his cover letter to DOA Secretary Michael Huebsch that  “UW Institutions and the Board of Regents are committed to seeking opportunities to strengthen contributions to the state’s workforce development efforts and partnerships with industry. This modest budget proposal calls for a $21-million investment in new initiatives over two years.” The increase in funding will be distributed to campuses as block grants to improve student success and economic development efforts.

The budget request also includes a number of performance goals relating to student outcomes and economic development for each campus by 2015-16. These are the goals for UW-Madison:

  • Undergraduate time-to-degree average: baseline, 4.1 years; goal, 4.0 years
  • Freshmen to sophomore retention: baseline, 93.9%; goal, 95%
  • Four year graduation rate: baseline, 55.5%; goal, 60%
  • Six year graduation rate: baseline, 82.8%; goal, 85%
  • Access: low-income students: baseline, 16.9%; goal, 18%
  • Institutional need-based financial aid: baseline, $36,800,000; goal, $40,000,000
  • Participation in high impact practices: baseline, 89%; goal, 95%
  • Enrollment in alternate delivery sections: baseline, 200; goal, 2,500
  • Capstone certificates: baseline, 3 programs; goal, 10 programs
  • Master’s programs in flexible format: baseline, 10 programs; goal, 15 programs
  • Patent disclosures: baseline, 356; goal, 427
  • Madison: Milwaukee research teams, baseline, 20; goal, 68
  • Madison: Milwaukee research funding: baseline, $1,000,000; goal, $3,400,000

Reilly also wrote that the Board of Regents will discuss pay plan recommendations for faculty and staff later this fall and forward those recommendations to the Department of Administration and Office of State Employment Relations for their consideration.