October Regent Meeting

uw system logoThe University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents met at UW-Stout last week. Oversight of athletics and enrollment management were among the topics discussed at the two-day meeting.

Athletic Oversight The regents are considering implementing new reporting processes that would include annual presentations to the Board of Regents and occasional financial reviews. Violations must also be reported to the institution’s chancellor under the proposal.

Individual chancellors currently have direct oversight of athletic programs and would retain that authority. This proposal is intended to formalize communication and reporting between athletic departments and UW System. UW-Madison and System’s two other Division 1 athletic programs (UW-Milwaukee and UW-Green Bay) would be the first to implement the new policies if it is approved at next month’s meeting.

Enrollment Management UW-Madison Provost Paul De Luca addressed the board with the latest enrollment data. This year, UW-Madison enrolled 42,818 students, compared to 42,441 last year. There was, however, a slight decrease in the number of resident undergraduate students enrolled.

De Luca also told the regents that time to degree continues to improve, due in part to the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates. Freshmen enrolled in 2005 graduated in an average of 4.06 years, compared to an average of 4.19 years for a freshman enrolled in 1996.

The provost’s PowerPoint presentation is here.