Knowledge Powers Wisconsin

UW System unveiled its new branding strategy, “Knowledge Powers Wisconsin,” at last week’s Board of Regents meeting. The campaign focuses on the role UW System plays in economic development throughout the state but allows each campus to retain its own identity.

A statewide survey was conducted in March to assist with the development of the campaign. The survey found that most state residents support using tax dollars on local community efforts. Respondents had very favorable views of public higher education in Wisconsin and believe college degrees are more important than ever, but were concerned about affordability and access.

Survey participants were asked about the role of UW System in the state:

KPW - perceived benefits

Respondents were also asked how UW System should best use state tax dollars. They overwhelmingly supported keeping resident tuition low, but had less support for building new academic buildings or recruiting new faculty:

KPW - best use of taxpayer funds

UW-Madison political science professor Kathy Cramer Walsh also conducted research on the subject and found that there is a “pervasive sense of distance” from UW that is part of a “broader feeling of disconnection from institutions of authority.” She also found that jobs and the economy are foremost in people’s minds, and the university should be helping improve the state’s employment efforts.