Rep. Pocan Discusses Federal Sequestration

Newly-elected Congressman Mark Pocan visited UW-Madison yesterday to discuss the federal budget sequester with faculty.

Representative Pocan met with a dozen researchers who told him that UW-Madison will see a reduction of more than $30 million in federal research funding between now and September 30. Pocan noted that the impact of the sequester will reach beyond campus:

“This university has a tremendous effect on being able to have spin-off companies that help the economy, that create jobs and all sorts of innovation. But it has to start somewhere and you’re not necessarily seeing it happen in the private-sector.”

PROFS has been in regular contact with Representative Pocan and his staff since he took office in January to discuss the sequester and share the devastating effects it will have on campus if a compromise is not reached in the coming months. The congressman said he is hopeful that Congress will act on the sequester soon.

Video and audio from yesterday’s meeting are available onĀ Wisconsin Eye.