Falbo: Regents Leading Positive Change for UW System

Newly-elected University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents president Michael Falbo writes in today’s Racine Journal Times that the board will work together to offer clear goals for the university in the face of declining state funding and a push for increased efficiency and productivity.

Falbo notes that tuition policy and performance-based funding are being discussed by higher education boards around the country, and competency-based degrees and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are changing how students pursue higher education.

He writes that the Regents will keep the Wisconsin Idea at the forefront as they confront the challenges ahead:

Through a collaborative strategic planning process now underway, we will:

  • Align our work with the goals of the UW System’s universities, colleges and extension networks.
  • Organize our administration in a way that strengthens those institutions, and enhances their service to students, families, businesses and communities.
  • Focus on effective resource management, high-quality education, and competitive compensation for the faculty and staff who carry out our mission.
  • Advocate for all UW institutions, engaging in two-way conversations with legislators, the governor, community leaders and citizens.