October Faculty Senate Meeting

Basc_hall_autumn09_1925Interim Chancellor David Ward presented the State of the University address to the Faculty Senate Monday, October 3, sharing the Second-Year Progress Report on the Campus Strategic Framework and discussing the shift in revenue sources for the university. PROFS has been an active participant in the campus conversation about public higher education funding, hosting several roundtables on the subject over the past few years.

Ward told the faculty that there has been a fundamental change in public higher education and universities cannot rely on models of the past. Instead, new funding strategies must be developed. Historically, tuition and state revenue comprised the foundation of UW-Madison’s budget, and philanthropy and grants provided the margin of excellence. Today, the university must look to philanthropy, educational innovation, and resource stewardship to provide that margin.

The interim chancellor also responded to a question by a faculty member about the university’s holistic admissions policy. Ward said he wholeheartedly supports UW-Madison’s diversity efforts and that a diverse student body is sought after by  companies that recruit on campus.

In other action, the Senate approved language that would forbid UW-Madison employees from carrying concealed weapons while in the course and scope of their work. The policy does not apply to law enforcement officers and is similar to language being developed by UW System.

PROFS regularly writes about Faculty Senate action, especially as it relates to governance issues and legislative matters concerning the university.